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Grand opening


In the very heart of Paris, a few minutes’ walk away from the Louvre there is a place called the Palais-Royal which consists of a palace, a square, and a park, all carrying the same name.

Despite its proximity to the biggest attractions in Paris the Palais-Royal remains to be an oasis of tranquility in the midst of a bustling city life.

The oldest in Europe glass-roofed shopping galleries known as les passages couverts (covered passages) are a favorite spot of many parisians. People come here to look for antiques, old books, or refined jewelry while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of old Paris.

Right there, in the Montpensier Gallery, a new boutique of products from natural amber, La Maison de l’Ambre has opened its doors to customers.

The shop presents a luxurious choice of designer decorations, pieces with inclusions, souvenirs and home decoration items. The supreme quality of craftsmanship and original design are distinctive features of each product.

This is truly a paradise for people who are looking for distinction and elegance in all things.