Grand opening


In the very heart of Paris, some minutes walk from the Louvre there stands the Palais-Royal Palace comprising a square and a park of the same name.

Despite of being closely located to the main attractions of Paris, the Palais-Royal remains an oasis of tranquility in the sea of city bustle.

The purlieu of Parisians – Covered Passages, the oldest in Europe, where one can not only indulge in relaxing atmosphere of the long-gone days of Paris but also enjoy the antiques and exquisite craftwork, books and decorations for any taste.

Just at that spot, in the Montpensier Gallery, a new boutique of products from natural amber, La Maison de l’Ambre, has flung its doors open.

The shop presents a luxurious choice of designer decorations, from stylish pictures to magnificent icons which take on an astonishing mild glow because of amber…

The shop presents a luxurious choice of designer decorations, pieces with inclusions, souvenirs and home decoration items. The supreme quality of treatment and original design are distinctive features of each product.

This is truly a sheer paradise for people who are looking for distinction and elegance in all things.