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A fresh approach


In recent years the world of beauty has been turning away from deliberateness of synthetic materials and “cosmic”, sophisticated shapes. The pastel shades, clothes made of ecofriendly materials, natural lines and silhouettes are back in vogue.

When it comes to jewellery, designers mainly place a focus here on natural beauty and texture of the “raw stuff”. Apart from traditional stones and metals, fashionistas, besides, show ever-increasing apparent interest in unconventional materials. Amber ornaments become a real must have for those who are used to setting trends, and not following them.

However, even sophisticates are by no means always fully aware of the genuine palette of this gem: blue, bone, grey, mossy and even black amber occur in nature, other than habitual hints of cognac, honey and terra cotta. Amber transparency degree also varies. It helps to create thousands of variations by mixing material of various texture and shade. Amber has burning, vivid energy but easy disposition and hence, when processed, readily takes most striking and unusual shapes. We suggest having a look at design of amber jewellery from a new perspective and instead of customary classic beads go for neat adornments of geometric shape. The simplicity and purity of lines impart inner dynamism to models and surprise choice of shades turns the produce into a total hit.