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50 shades of grey…amber

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Amber is often called the stone of the sun but the hues intrinsic to it are by no means only those of honey and sun rays. One of the rarest and, without exaggeration, glamorous types of amber is considered by experts to be grey or, as it is sometimes called, “opaque” amber.

By its structure, such a material somewhat resembles the stones of primordial marshland. The peculiarities of colour and pattern are resulting from ingress of earth particles in resin which contributes to amber acquiring a unique greenish, grey, smoky ashen or even “meteoritic” i.e. quite sombre hue. Earth inclusions also determine unmatched patterns that could resemble, for one thing, a quail egg tint.

Another undeniable advantage of grey amber is ability to fit in well with any materials, from amber of other colours to turquoise, dazzling crystals and metals of any shade.